These items are available for purchase at either location. We put them here so you know some of what we've got! We don't offer these products for sale online just yet, but it's fun to add them to a cart and pretend.

Ted Drewes T-Shirt
from 12.99

Like our custard, this shirt is timeless and unchanging. It comes with confidence sewn right into the seams. 

Baby Onesie

Highly visible. Great for finding your baby at night.


Sun in your eyes? No problem. Put on one of our hats! If you still want the top of your head to get sun though, get a visor!

Pint Glass
from 4.99

Sometimes you just have a pint of something you need to contain, this is the perfect glass for that occasion!

Ceramic Coffee Mug

Finally! Something to keep your coffee in!


Are you tired of sifting through a pouch of loose keys every time you want to start your car or open your door? Our handy chain is the perfect solution!